Cabernet Cubin

Red variety - Cabernet Cubin

  • General: Cabernet Cubin is one of the new Weinsberg crosses with the parent Cabernet Sauvignon. The breeding objective was to provide the late-ripening, tannin-emphasising Cabernet clone "Levadoux" with a cross-breeding partner in the form of the Lemberger that would reach aroma and tannin maturity under Central European climatic conditions and develop the strengths of both parent grape varieties in red wines that are stable in storage. The spread in Germany is restrained and is currently less than 100 ha of vineyards.
  • Cluster: The grapes are medium to large.
  • Wine: Tannin and extract-rich, colour-intensive wines with aromas of cassis can be obtained from this Cabernet variety. Maturation in barriques and extended ageing to integrate the tannins are ideal for maturity.
  • Cultivation: Since Cabernet Cubin ripens very late, care should be taken to plant it in good locations. Of great advantage is the stability of the berry skins against botrytis. The botrytis resistance and long vine ripeness with acid stability enables the production of ice wines. 
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