Cabernet Dorsa

Red variety - Cabernet Dorsa

  • General: The Cabernet Dorsa, first introduced in 1971 by the vine breeding department of the State Teaching and Research Institute Weinberg, is a cross between Dornfelder and Lemberger. It also reaches tannin and aroma maturity under the climatic conditions of our latitudes. The cultivation spread is on a decent level, slightly growing and amounts to about 250 ha of vineyards in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Cluster: The medium-sized grapes are loosely to densely packed with medium-sized berries, depending on the location.
  • Wine: The characteristics of the crossbreed parents are reflected in the wine. The colour intensity and cherry fruit notes of the Dornfelder meet a stable tannin and extract structure of the Lemberger. The variety experiences a positive integration of tannins and extract depth through maturation in barrique barrels and in the bottle.
  • Cultivation: The variety shows an upright growth with low stinginess. Medium-quality sites are recommended. In the average of the years, the must weights were above those of the Dornfelder. In order to achieve higher qualities, yield reduction is required. Due to its high sensitivity to powdery mildew, Cabernet Dorsa should not be planted on endangered sites.
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