White variety - Huxelrebe

  • General: "Elbling" and "Coutillier Musqué" are the crossbreeding parents of the Huxelrebe and the result of Georg Scheu's breeding work in Alzey, Rheinhessen, in 1927. The variety has remained strongly associated with Rheinhessen to this day. Its namesake Fritz Huxel from Westhofen was the first to plant it on a large scale in the vineyards in the 1950s. The variety, which is restricted to Germany, is still mainly found in Rheinhessen and the Palatinate.
  • Cluster: The long, often divided clusters are very large, loose to dense depending on the trickling. The larger-than-average, yellow-green berries have a juicy, spicy taste. The smaller young berries can reach high qualities due to noble rot because of the thin berry skin.
  • Wine: Aperitif or dessert wines from the Huxel grape are not infrequently highly prized specialities. The exotic-fruity bouquet is reminiscent of peach, mango and passion fruit with pleasant spicy aromas. Due to the animating acidity, the wines can be stored well in noble sweet vinification and show themselves to be very fresh and lively even after many years.
  • Cultivation: The variety is demanding in terms of vineyard location. It is sensitive to winter frost, fungal diseases and high lime content in the soil. Huxel has a vigorous growth and an early harvest time.
Only clone
  • AZ 100

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