Pinot Blanc

White variety - Pinot blanc

  • General: Weißburgunder is cultivated worldwide and especially in Europe under the synonym "Pinot blanc". The largest area under cultivation is in Germany with around 3,500 ha. About two-thirds of this is in Rhineland-Palatinate alone. Due to the mutability of Pinot Blanc, there are many different clones.
  • Cluster: Within the Burgundy family, Pinot Blanc is one of the high-yielding varieties due to its good flowering behaviour. The growth is medium to vigorous, with little shoots. The typical grape cluster is medium to large, cylindrical and mostly dense. The yellow-green berries are juicy, show a discreet aroma and go into a medium to late ripening.
  • Wine: The wines are discreetly fragrant with a fine fruity note of apple and pear, rich in extract and full-bodied. Pinot blanc is also suitable for ageing in wooden barrels. This makes it possible to produce wines with a wide variety of characters.
  • Cultivation: The variety has medium site requirements, whereby a good and even water supply is advantageous. It has a stable wood maturity and thus a moderate winter hardiness. However, it tends to shoot early, so it is important to avoid locations at risk of late frost. This filigree variety is very suitable for calcareous and deep soils.
Classic clones, high yield

More clones:

  • Fr 72
  • D 212
  • Gm 1, Gm 2, Gm 3, Gm 7, Gm 10
Classic clones, medium yield

More clones:

  • St 15
  • INRA 54, INRA 55
Mix-sixed berry clones

More clones:

  • Lb 16

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