Red variety - Acolon

  • General: In Weinsberg, Württemberg, the researchers Schleip and Hill succeeded in crossing Lemberger and Dornfelder at the State Teaching and Research Institute for Viticulture. The resulting variety, Acolon, has inherited the depth of colour and early ripeness of Dornfelder, as well as the fruit characteristics and tannin structure of Lemberger. In the growing regions of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, about 480 ha are planted with this variety. Due to its growing parameters, Acolon complements classic grape varieties as a cuvée partner.
  • Cluster: The relatively large grapes are predominantly loose-berried. The thin berry skins can cause damage from wasps and birds.
  • Wine: Due to the early ripeness, the wines often show high must weights and extract values, as well as an excellent depth of colour. This makes Acolon a versatile cuvee partner in the red wine sector.
  • Cultivation: Acolon does not have any special demands on the locations. Due to the increasingly earlier autumns, the vigorous growth and the associated risk of rotting, later, well-ventilated sites should be preferred.
Only clone:
  • We 725

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