Birstaler Muskat

Table grape - Birstaler Muskat

  • General: The table grape variety Birstaler Muskat was bred in Switzerland by Silvia and Valentin Blattner from Soyhières in the Swiss canton of Jura in 1986. It takes its name from the Birs, a 73-kilometre-long tributary of the Rhine in the Swiss Jura mountains. The Birstaler Muskat is a new variety from the fungus-tolerant parent Seyval Blanc and the aromatic and rich-bearing vinifera vine Bacchus.
  • Cluster: The variety shows medium sized grapes, with round yellow berries. According to our measurements, the berry weight averaged 2.2 g/berry. Birstaler Muskat is very suitable for the production of grape juice due to its pleasant aroma and the juiciness of the berries.
  • Resistance to disease: The variety can be recommended without hesitation for organic table grape cultivation because of its exceptionally high fungal resistance. Even in wet years, in areas with generally high humidity such as northern Germany and where there is high infestation pressure due to mildew-infested vines in the neighbourhood, the grapes remain healthy. Due to its high resistance, it is also particularly suitable for cultivation under glass and in foil tents.
  • Cultivation & Ripening: The vine is characterised by a vigorous, upright growth. Ripeness for consumption is reached at the end of August to the beginning of September. An extended harvest window is possible due to the loose berries.

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