Cabernet Cortis

New variety - Cabernet Cortis

  • General: Cabernet Cortis was developed in 1982 from the cross Cabernet Sauvignon x Solaris at the Viticultural Institute in Freiburg under the responsibility of Nobert Becker. The aim of the breeding is a red wine type for the cooler climates in the German growing regions, which has an international format in terms of varietal aroma, extracts and tannin structure.
  • Cluster: The large grapes are elongated, cylindrical and little shouldered. The berries are about the size of a burgundy and quite loosely packed.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora ++

Oidium ++

Botrytis ++

  • Wine: Cabernet Cortis is very close to intense Cabernet wines when the grapes are fully ripe. Its high extract and phenolic content is indicated by a rich, deep red to violet colour. The taste is also spicy with aromas of freshly ground pepper, cassis jam and almost overripe elderberries. Cabernet Cortis is suitable for long ageing in wooden barrels and in the bottle due to its tannin structure.
  • Cultivation: The variety is characterised by a vigorous upright growth. It reaches harvest maturity about one week before Pinot Noir.
  • Clone: Fr 680

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