Cabernet Jura

New variety - Cabernet Jura

  • General: The grape variety Cabernet Jura is a cross combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and resistance partners. It was bred in the canton of the same name by the Swiss Valentin Blattner. In 2000, it was registered for variety protection by the Freytag Vine Nursery. In Switzerland, the variety is becoming increasingly important and is now one of the most cultivated red wine varieties.
  • Cluster: The cluster is cylindrical with few shoulders. The round berries of medium size are covered by an even wax layer. The berry skin is elastic and has a very good resistance to botrytis due to its thick wax layer.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora +++

Oidium ++

Botrytis +++

  • Wine: The wine is characterised by a dark, ruby-red colour. The taste is reminiscent of a southern Cabernet type with fruity, berry aromas. A light muscat note is typical of the variety, reminiscent of Muskattrollinger. The intensity seems to depend on the length of the mash fermentation and fermentation temperature.
  • Cultivation: The ripening point is about one week before Merlot. The growth is upright and very strong. Therefore, yield adjustment is necessary depending on the location. The berry skin is very robust against botrytis. However, the following is typical for the variety: From about 100°Oe, the berries shrivel up and indicate their maximum ripeness and thus harvest time. The vine shows very good tolerance to winter frosts.

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