Cabernet Mitos

Red variety - Cabernet Mitos

  • General: Cabernet Mitos was elevated to varietal status by the Weinsberg breeders Schleip and Hill. Among experts, it had originally become known as a cross between Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon. Through a DNA analysis in the late 1990s, the parentage between the varieties Blaufränkisch and Färbertraube (Teinturier du Cher) could be clarified. This late-ripening variety is often added to classic red wines as a blending partner, especially in Württemberg.
  • Cluster: The medium-sized grapes have relatively small, very dark coloured berries that are loosely to densely packed.
  • Wine: The wines of violet, deep dark colour show aromas of forest fruits and a distinct tannin structure. They are often matured for a longer period in wooden barrels or in the bottle.
  • Cultivation: The vine shows an upright and quite vigorous growth. It has no special demands on the sites and can also be planted in lower sites due to its good frost resistance.
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