Calardis Blanc

New variety - Calardis Blanc

  • General: Calardis Blanc was crossed in 1993 from the parent varieties Calardis Musqué and Seyve Villard 39-639 at the Institute for Vine Breeding at Geilweilerhof in Siebeldingen. In 2020, the grape variety was entered in the list of varieties.
  • Cluster: The grape is medium-sized, shouldered and loose-grained. The colouring of the sunny berries is striking, reminiscent of Muskateller, while the berries in the shade remain yellow-green even during ripening.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora +++

Oidium ++

Botrytis +++

  • Wine: The wine is rich in finesse and fruity with a fine spicy bouquet and aromas of blood orange, passion fruit and apple. Due to its usually tangy acidity, it can be used as a base wine for sparkling wine.
  • Cultivation: The growth of Calardis Blanc is upright. The variety shows a low stinginess and tends slightly to double shoots. The yield level is rather above average, which is why a yield reduction can be recommended.

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