New variety - Donauriesling

General: The name clearly indicates the relationship to Riesling. This new variety of Riesling x Resistenzpartner (Fr 589-54) comes from Austria. The Lehranstalt für Wein und Obstbau in Klosterneuburg is responsible for the breeding work and marketing.


Peronospora ++

Oidium +++

Botrytis +++

Cluster: The variety characteristically has a medium-sized and shouldered panicle. The grape structure is loosened up by additional smaller berries. The skin of the berries is slightly thickened, which has a positive effect on the health of the grapes at harvest maturity.

Wine: The first wines that were vinified by fellow winemakers clearly show the varietal affinity to Riesling. They taste fruity, with stimulating acidity and good ageing potential.

Cultivation: Donauriesling should be grown in good to very good locations. According to the breeder, the variety is not sensitive to drought. The relationship to Riesling is also reflected in the upright growth, similar ripening window with, however, a clearly loosened structure and botrytis resistance.

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