Red variety - Frühburgunder

  • General: Frühburgunder also bears the synonyms "Pinot Madeleine" or "Pinot Précosse" and its variety of names indicates its genetic origin as a natural mutation of Spätburgunder. In the 1960s, only 15 hectares were still under cultivation, but the Geisenheim Research Institute became involved as a conservation breeder for the variety and helped it to gain a new lease of life. As a well-cultivated little brother of the Pinot Noir, it is grown on smaller plots, preferably in the more northerly regions.
  • Cluster: The rather small grape is relatively compact and little shouldered. The berries are clearly smaller compared to Pinot Noir.
  • Wine: Brick to dark red, velvety, full-bodied red wines with pleasant acidity. Typical aromas are cherry and raspberry, accompanied in the wine by mocha as well as spicy and smoky aromas.
  • Cultivation: The early ripening time, usually already at the end of August, speaks in favour of cultivation in cooler, northern regions. The vine shows a vigorous, upright growth with little shoots. This means that the grape zone in the foliage wall remains well ventilated, which is advantageous due to the thin berry skin. Depending on the vintage and location, Frühburgunder tends to trickle and thus to positively loosened grapes.
Classic quality clones, low yield
  • Gm 1, Gm 2, Gm 3
  • Gm 4, Gm 5, Gm 6
  • Gm 7, Gm 7, Gm 8
  • Gm 9, Gm 10, Gm 11, Gm 12

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