Gelber Muskateller

White variety - Gelber Muskateller

  • General: The entire Muskateller family is one of the oldest surviving grape varieties and is the godfather of many traditional varieties. In terms of cultural history and cultivation techniques, they have spread all over the world with many variations. According to the French synonym, the variety of the Yellow Muscat is considered the noblest variation of the "Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains". The variety has been known in Germany since the 12th century and 200 years later in the Languedoc-Roussion. In the meantime, the variety has spread all over the world, as evidenced by the multitude of synonyms.
  • Cluster: The large, long grapes are cylindrical and typically dense berried, hardly shouldered and late ripening. The round berries are green-yellow, turning golden yellow to amber as they ripen.
  • Wine: The wines are characterised by a fine fruity acidity, subtle spiciness and typical, expressive and complex muscat aromas. Here, too, the portfolio ranges from animating aperitif wines, which are vinified dry to semi-dry and whose acidity prepares the palate for the course of the meal. The noble sweet, long-lived dessert wines are popular, with aromas of orange peel, passion fruit and brittle.
  • Cultivation: In locations open to the wind, trickling may occur during flowering. Due to late ripening and low frost resistance, only good sites are suitable. All Muskateller varieties can suffer from drought stress in hot years. Deep soils with a good water supply over the summer are ideal.
Classic clones
  • Fr 90, Fr 94
  • We H1

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