White variety - Goldmuskateller

  • General: The Goldmuskateller belongs to the widely ramified and historically very old family of the Muscat family. It is native to the warm valleys of the Etsch Valley in South Tyrol and Trentino. There it is called Moscato Giallo or Muscat Lunel. In Germany, after a period of experimental cultivation on a small area in the Palatinate, experts consider it a good addition to the range of grape varieties.
  • Cluster: Medium-sized and narrow in grape architecture, the variety shows a loose stem structure, partly with maiden berries. Characteristic is the firm berry skin as well as the late ripening approx. 8-10 days after the Yellow Muscat.
  • Wine: The wines reflect a pronounced muscat aroma with fresh acidity. The varieties range from dry, acidic wines for aperitifs to noble sweet specialities with long ageing potential.
  • Cultivation: Due to the late ripening, better, obligatory frost-free locations should be chosen.
Classic clones

More clones:

  • BEMK 33
  • ISV-V 5, ISV-V 13
  • VCR 5, VCR 102, R 1

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