White variety - Goldriesling

  • General: Our "Goldstück" is the name of the Saxons, who cultivate the last stocks in Germany on 16 ha. Crossed at the end of the 19th century in Colmar, Alsace, from Riesling and "Früher Maligner", the variety arrived in the vineyards of the Elbe Valley in 1913. At "Schloss Proschwitz" and "Schloss Wackerbart", the variety has been reintroduced and bottled in individual vintages, thus giving a new face to a cultural pillar of Saxon viticulture. The conservation breeder is the Saxon State Institute for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology.
  • Cluster: The berry is greenish-yellow in colour and also amber-coloured as ripening progresses. The taste of the variety is finely spicy.
  • Wine: The Goldriesling produces light wines with soft acidity. Its aroma is characterised by ripe gooseberry, grapefruit and a hint of herbs. It is recommended as an accompaniment to light, summer cuisine.
  • Cultivation: Goldriesling is adaptable to different soils and shows strong growth and high yields. Due to its early ripening and low susceptibility to winter frost, the variety is widely grown in northern winegrowing regions.

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