Gutedel red

White variety - Gutedel red

  • General: Like Burgundy, the Chasselas family has produced many genetic variations. The red Chasselas is thought to be the parent variety of the white variety, which lost the red colouring of the berry skin through mutation. In terms of importance, this Chasselas variation plays a very sporadic role in Germany. In warm regions, the variety reaches sugar ripeness early with mild acidity. It is therefore also popular as a table grape.
  • Cluster: The grapes are large, elongated, loose-berried and slightly shouldered. The large, round berries have a typical thin but firm skin.
  • Wine: The single-vineyard wines are considered specialities of the Markgräfler Land. They are vinified as white wines and show a fruity, crisp acidity with discreet aromas.
  • Cultivation: The variety is somewhat sensitive to stem rot but with good to very good wood maturity and frost hardiness. Maturity can be expected at the end of September to the beginning of October.
Classic clones
  • Fr 36-28, Fr 40, Fr 41, Fr 42, Fr 43

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