Red variety - Heroldrebe

  • General: The variety whose namesake is also the father of its breeding has almost been forgotten. In 1929, August Herold crossed the variety in Weinsberg from Portugieser and Lemberger. The most important role of the Herold grape is perhaps as the father of the Dornfelder cross. Its share in cultivation is increasingly dwindling. Only occasionally is the variety still served in Württemberg and the Palatinate as a single-varietal, light, uncomplicated vesper wine or summer rosé.
  • Cluster: The large grapes are shouldered on one side and more densely packed than Dornfelder. The medium-sized berries are round, blue-scented and have a firmer berry skin.
  • Wine: Light, fruity, mild red wines or as a more acidic rosé variant, Herold can still be found on the wine list in Württemberg with some luck.
  • Cultivation: Herold belongs to the medium ripening, but early colouring varieties. The vine is little endangered by winter frost and is also robust against weeping and peronospora. It is characterised by its strong, upright growth and low tendency to stunt shoots. This allows good aeration of the grape zone.
Only clone
  • WE 550

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