Lakemont Seedless

Tablegrape - Lakemont Seedless

  • General: Lakemont is a seedless grape variety. It originated in the USA, to which its synonym "New York" alludes. It is one of the best known and most popular varieties in the fresh fruit sector.
  • Cluster: The grapes are elongated cylindrical in shape. The berries are medium sized, slightly oval and covered with a thin light green skin. They taste refreshing and fruity sweet.
  • Resistance to disease: Fungal tolerance is directly related to the seeds of the grapes. This means for seedless grapes: over the summer season the vines should be kept healthy with 5 to 6 treatments against fungal diseases.
  • Cultivation: The variety needs a protected location, because seedless grapes are sensitive to flowering. Lakemont has a strong and upright growth. The height and width of the vine is largely determined by the climbing aid.
  • Ripening: It reaches maturity in September/October with good and safe yields.

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