New variety - Muscaris

  • General: The mushroom-resistant Solaris and the bouquet variety Muskateller were the inspiration for Muscaris, which Nobert Becker bred in 1987 at the State Viticultural Institute in Freiburg. The idea was to breed a counterpart to Muskateller in order to reach maturity earlier with lower acidity values. Furthermore, the aim was to reduce the susceptibility to botrytis through a loose-grained structure.
  • Cluster: In structure, the grapes are medium to large and loose to compact depending on the location. The berries are medium sized, green-yellow and have a thick skin.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora +++

Oidium ++

Botrytis ++

  • Wine: Muscaris keeps what the name promises. The wines show an intense muscat aroma embedded in tropical fruits. On the palate, the abundance of aromas is balanced by a juicy body with pleasant acidity and subtle smoky notes.
  • Cultivation: Muscaris grows well on medium sites. On poorer sites we strongly recommend to use stronger growing rootstocks. Due to its early shoots, the variety should not be planted in locations prone to May frost. It is robust against winter frost. In unfavourable years Muscaris tends to stem rot. The harvest maturity is reached at about the same level as Müller-Thurgau and can be used for high qualities.

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