New variety - Phoenix

  • General: The grape variety is cultivated both as a table grape and as a wine grape in the vineyards. In the South Palatinate Institute for Vine Breeding at the Geilweilerhof, the classic vine of Bacchus was crossed with the fungus-resistant interspecific variety "Villard Blanc" to create the fungus-tolerant Phönix. The high resistance to the classic fungal diseases explains the popularity of the variety, which is also often planted in home gardens as a table grape.
  • Cluster: Phoenix shows elongated compact panicles, with small round berries of green-yellow colouring. Ripeness for consumption is reached from the beginning of September.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora ++

Oidium ++

Botrytis +

  • Wine: Vinified as a wine, it shows a fresh acidity with a juicy body. Aromatically, it is close to Bacchus and shows an elegant spiciness through subtle nutmeg nuances.
  • Cultivation: Profuse rainfall after a prolonged dry period in September/October promotes a tendency for individual berries to burst, which can lead to foci of infection for Botrytis. The variety prefers dry sites with good aeration on lighter soils.

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