New variety - Pinotin

  • General: The Pinotin grape variety is the Burgundy type among the new Piwi breeds of the Swiss grape breeder Valentin Blattner. It is a cross between Blauer Spätburgunder and resistance partners. The Freytag vine nursery took over the sponsorship of the selection and cultivation testing of the variety in the vineyard and trial wine cellar. In 2002, after a promising trial wine phase, the variety protection was applied for and in 2010 the classification. Pinotin is popular among winegrowers in all German wine regions, as well as in the Benelux countries and England.
  • Cluster: The cluster is narrow, long, very loose-berried and only rarely shouldered. The berry is round, medium sized and covered with an even layer of wax. It colours early and evenly due to the loose stem structure.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora ++

Oidium +++

Botrytis +++

  • Wine: Like the name, like the wine. Pinotin is reminiscent of Pinot Noir, although it has more colour density and depth in the glass. Pinotin shows a clear, dense forest fruit aroma, soft in its tannin structure and uncomplicated in its taste. The wines have proven to be good "all-rounders" that are easily accessible to a broad connoisseur audience.
  • Cultivation: The ripening time is about one week after Regent, i.e. mid to late September. The growth of the variety is medium, similar to Pinot Noir, but somewhat more upright. Due to the loose grape structure, the variety is not susceptible to botrytis and thus has a larger ripening window. On vigorous soils, the variety often shows a good grape set. Especially in the first years, the yield level should be regulated in order to evenly utilise the vines. Pinotin is robust against winter frosts.

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