Riesel (VB 11-11-89-12)

New variety - Riesel

  • General: The Riesel grape variety was bred in 1989 by the Swiss grape breeder Valentin Blattner. It is a cross between Riesling and resistance partners and became known under the breeding number VB 11-11-89-12. The variety is interesting for the northern vineyards or regions because of its early ripening at the beginning of September. Must weights of 90° Oe and more are easily possible in almost every vintage.
  • Cluster: The cluster is cylindrical and compact without shoulders. The berries are round, small and attractive due to their bright yellow colour. The intensely glossy leaves with strong indentations are striking.
  • Resistance:

    Peronospora +++

    Oidium ++

    Botrytis ++

  • Wine: The wine is characterised by a pleasantly mild acidity and a fine bouquet of apricots, white flowers and local apple, reminiscent of Riesling.
  • Cultivation: Harvest maturity is reached very early, often in early September at 90°Oe and above. This makes the variety well suited for more northern wine regions. The frost hardiness in winter frosts is very good. The growth is strong and upright. This and the compact grape structure require good drying in the grape zone. Defoliation measures should be considered. When ripening, especially when reaching high must weights, the variety can be susceptible to botrytis due to the compact grape structure during heavy rainfall events.

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