New variety - Rinót

  • General: Among the current breedings of Doz. Ing. Milos Michlovsky, DrSc. and Col.includes this cross Merzling x (Seyve Villard x Pinot gris). The crossing work and first cultivation trials are being carried out and documented by the working group around Milos Michlovsky in the Czech Republic in the Moravian cultivation area there.
  • Cluster: The variety has medium sized, loosened grapes. The berries are medium sized and have a thickened berry skin, which minimises the risk of fungal attack and botrytis rot.
  • Resistance:

    Peronospora ++

    Oidium +++

    Botrytis +++

  • Wine: The first wines that were vinified at the Michlovsky winery lie aromatically between Riesling and Silvaner. The aroma reveals attributes of citrus and ripe local fruit. The wines are framed by a lively acidity that promises good ageing potential.
  • Cultivation: The first regional trial was planted in 2015 in the Palatinate at the Freytag vineyard. Despite high fungal pressure in 2016, the variety proved robust against Peronospera and Botrytis, which is very conducive to prolonged ripening on the vine.

Pioneer Wines booklet

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