New variety - Rondo

  • General: A variety that was crossed in 1964 by Prof. Kraus from "Zarya Severa" and "St. Laurent" in the Czech Republic and was further cultivated at the vine breeding department of the Geisenheim Research Institute by Professor Becker Kreuzung until it was entered in the list of varieties in 1997. The very vigorous growth requires a good vegetative utilisation of the vines and very good vineyard care. As a red wine with a strong colour, it is used as a blending partner to support classic varieties. Rondo" is cultivated in Rheinhessen, the Palatinate, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Holland and Great Britain.
  • Cluster: The grapes are large and develop a good colour. The berries are medium sized and reach high ripeness early.
  • Resistance:

Peronospora ++

Oidium ++

Botrytis ++

  • Wine: Rondo" is well suited as a blend wine due to its deep dark colour, which varies from ruby red with violet nuances. With good vineyard care and optimal ripeness, the aroma of the variety is mildly acidic, full-bodied and with fruit aromas ranging from sweet cherry to wild berries.
  • Cultivation: Plant protection measures against oidium, e.g. with sulphur treatments, cannot be dispensed with. The magnesium supply should also be ensured. The variety is not resistant to chlorosis and in some years tends to trickle and stem rot. Due to its early shoots, it is susceptible to late frost. Due to its hanging and dense-leaved growth, the variety requires somewhat more foliage work.

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