Satin Noir (VB 91-26-29)

New variety - Satin Noir (VB 91-26-29)

  • General: The variety Satin Noir originates from 1991 by Valentin Blattner and is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and resistance partners. The variety clearly shows the genetic relationship to Cabernet Sauvignon. The thick skin of the small, concentrated, aromatic and colourful berries with a loose grape structure are typical of the variety. Also in the vinification, the wines show a deep red in a ripe, harmonious Cabernet manner with a maturity that is about 10 days before the classic grape variety.
  • Cluster: The grape is short, loose-grained and little shouldered. The berry is round and about the same size as Cabernet Sauvignon. The berry skin is firm and thus has good resistance to botrytis.
  • Resistance:
        Peronospora: +++
        Oidium: +++
        Botrytis: ++

  • Wine: The wine is characterised by a deep red, dense colour. The taste is reminiscent of a very ripe Cabernet Franc with ripe blackberries and currants, black pepper and dark chocolate with hints of cigar, leather and cedar.
  • Cultivation: The growth is very upright, which means less effort for foliage work. The very loose foliage ensures good ventilation of the grape zone without additional defoliation, especially in humid regions. The ripening point is approx. 10-14 days before Cabernet Sauvignon in early to mid-October. The harvest period can be extended due to the botrytis resistance.

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