White variety - Siegerrebe

  • General: "Siegerrebe" is one of the autochthonous new varieties and one of the very rarely cultivated varieties in Germany. In 1929, Georg Scheu bred the variety at the Landesanstalt für Rebenzüchtung Alzey from seeds of the female variety "Madeleine Angevine". It is characterised by vigorous growth, very early ripening and high must weights. The "Siegerrebe" is therefore also planted sporadically in northern countries such as Belgium, Denmark and southern Sweden. Until the hot year of 2003, the Emil Bauer vineyard in the Palatinate held a record. In 1971, berries of the "Siegerrebe" were harvested with a must weight of 326 degrees Oechsle. This must weight was the highest ever measured in Germany until the 2003 vintage.
  • Cluster: The grapes are medium sized, broadly shouldered, usually loose because of trickling. The berries are medium to large, round, pink to red. Juicy sweet taste, distinct muscat aromas.
  • Wine: Highly ripe, noble sweet Muscat wines, which are suitable for the preparation of aperitif wines or as blending partners.
  • Cultivation: Sensitive to lime, tendency to trickle.
Only clone
  • Az 48

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