White variety - Silvaner

  • General: Silvaner is a classic among German white wine varieties and has been cultivated here for more than 350 years. It probably finds its origin in the Danube region from the crossing of Traminer and the autochthonous variety Österreichisch-Weiß. In the middle of the last century, every second vine in Germany was a Silvaner vine because of its yield security and reliability. The variety is experiencing a renaissance in Rheinhessen (2,400 ha) and also in Franconia with a share of almost 23% (1,400 ha) with wines of the most diverse qualities and styles.
  • Cluster: Silvaner is characterised by grapes of medium size, cylindrical, compact and dense berry structure with firm skin. The berries are medium sized, round, yellow-green with a medium ripening window. The variety shows a medium growth and shoots with short internodes. The good flowering characteristics ensure safe yields with often compact grapes. Newer selection targets are clones with loose grape structure and reduced yields.
  • Wine: Silvaner is an "all-rounder". The aroma palette of the wines plays with quince, herbs and spicy aromas and ranges from elegant, filigree stainless steel wines to spicy, creamy wines matured in large wooden barrels. The distinctly mild acidity structure is finding increasing favour among wine connoisseurs.
  • Cultivation: On calcareous and deep soils, Silvaner achieves complex, powerful wines with moderate yields.
Classic clones

More clones: Wü 92

New clones, loose berry-structure

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