Souvignier gris

New variety - Souvignier gris

  • General: One of the Freiburg Piwis is the Souvignier Gris. This cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Bronner was brought together by Norbert Becker at the State Viticultural Institute in 1983. From Baden to western Switzerland on Lake Constance, it is popular with winegrowers and also winegrowers' cooperatives because of its reliable yields, good growing conditions and healthiness. The varietal character allows it to be vinified as still wine, but also as the base wine for cuvées in the sparkling wine segment.
  • Cluster: The grapes are medium to large, not very compact and in an elongated cylindrical shape. The berries of medium size have a pink skin.
  • Resistance:


Oidium: ++

Botrytis: +++

  • Wine: As a wine, the variety is comparable to a neutral to slightly fruity Burgundy type. On the nose, the variety shows subtle fruit aromas of honeydew melon, apricot confit and quince juice. On the palate, a fine, fruity acidity and delicate tannin structure are noticeable, giving the well-structured wines a lasting finish.
  • Cultivation: The vines show medium to good vigour. The lower fertility of the basal eyes should be taken into account when pruning or pruning out. Stem rot can be noticeable depending on the vintage and soil. The ripening window is comparable to that of Pinot Blanc.
  • Clone: Fr 420

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