Pioneer Wines

From the beginning

Breeding in agriculture has always been a fundamental part of human cultural history. This was and is closely linked to climatic conditions, which have changed again and again over the centuries for settlements and the cultivation of food. Classical cross-breeding made it possible for our ancestors to settle down and comfortably store food.

The research institutes of the Middle Ages were mainly the monasteries, which were intensively engaged in the study of nature, crossbreeding and, not least, clone breeding in viticulture. The challenge was and remains to cooperate with climate fluctuations and their effects in the future.

Against this background, Valentin Blattner and Volker Freytag have been working on new, fungus-resistant varieties since the 1990s and have set up a privately financed breeding programme for this purpose. Both share the vision of breeding varieties that enable above-average wine qualities with a significantly lower consumption of pesticides and working time. Currently, this work is bearing fruit in the truest sense of the word - in the vineyards of ambitious winegrowers and in the glasses of curious wine drinkers.


In our vine assortment you will find an overview of the new varieties.

Pioneer Wines booklet

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