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Forschungsgruppe Prof. Bogs und B. Eisenmann

How many plant protection treatments do the new varieties need so that the vine growers may be relaxed?

Since 2015, Birgit Eisenmann has been working on precisely this practical question as part of her doctoral thesis with Prof. Dr. Jochen Bogs from the Weincampus in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

The three-year project includes an elaborately prepared and practice-oriented experimental set-up in the vineyards in the region. The Piwi-experienced winemaking colleagues Gerhard Nett (Neustadt Geinsheim), Ralf Anselmann (Edesheim), Klaus Rummel (Landau Nußdorf) and we from the Rebschule are happy to support the projectin its practical implementation.

The 2014 and 2015 vintages had it all due to the enormously different weather conditions. They offered optimal conditions for this project to observe and evaluate the robustness of the varieties Cal 6-04 and Cabernet blanc under field conditions.

In the adjacent link you will find the most important details about the project and initial findings.