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Dear visitors,

The roots of our family and business are at home in Neustadt Weinstraße in the Palatinate region. Here the Freytags do run a family-owned nursery for about two generations. Our expertise is crafting and breeding of cultivars. Both is literally an in-between of hands-on craftmanship and taking care for plants and environment. Please feel invited to get an insight for our portfolio of cultivars and crossing programmes.

For our understanding classical breeding has naturally accompanied evolution and progress of mankind simultaneously to climate changes that occurred throughout all times. By combining advantageous properties of genetics deriving from classical cultivars and new gene pools wine growers benefit from new cultivars. At the same time preserving established cultivars is an important goal of our work.


Volker and Marion Freytag take care for about 1.5 million vines to grow every year. The nursery ranges among the five biggest companies in Germany. We do supply winegrowers throughout Europe and ship into more than 13 different countries.

We support your projects and ideas in wine growing out of 50 years of passionated and practice-oriented nursery experience regarding plantation and site characteristics.


Feel free to get in contact with us!

Volker and Marion Freytag